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Shoes 01 / Oct

Transitioning to Minimalist shoes

If you’re like me, you probably have been using conventional shoes for a major part...

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Shoes 15 / Sep

What is a good minimalist shoe?

  A good minimalist or barefoot shoe should have the following features: Let’s you feel...

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Barefoot 01 / Sep

Why Barefoot Shoes?

  For the purposes of this website, barefoot shoes and minimalist shoes are the same....

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  • Fantastic shoes!!! I love them… they are my favorite shoes at work. The store is amazing. If you pass by around Stockel… you should test them

  • Great store!! There’s a lot of women’s shoes available (which is unfortunately unusual with that kind of shoes) and the owner is really nice. Can’t wait to try my new vivo 

  • Once I tried out Barefoot Shoes, I will never go back to ordinary shoes again. Running, walking, … everyday. Walk the talk.

  • Almost bought my first barefoot shoes ever online. Glad I made the effort to go to the store. Spent more than an hour discussing, trying out, getting advice.

  • Went to the store today and bought my first pair of barefoot shoes ever. (Primus lite) Will try them for my workout tomorrow and my walk on Sunday. Maybe post an update. Thanks for the great advice and service! Have seen other models I like, but want to start with these first.

  • Service is excellent. They know their products, listen carfully to your expectations and let the time and space for testing. With my first pair of barefoots, I became a fan of barefoots and I just acquire a second pair for the summer. Their concept go further tha just a shop, it’s a lifestyle that match their products. Well done!

  • I’m so glad I discovered this minimalist footwear store. I got my first pairs of barefoot shoes online, which was always a bit of a hit or miss. What I really needed was a knowledgeable person to guide me trough the many options that are available. The owner really knows his stuff and always seems to be going extra mile. There is a large assortment available to try on and he will always explain the pros and cons of certain models, depending on your needs.

    You might be shopping ‘just’ for shoes, but afterwards discover that you actually bought into a new lifestyle.

    Warm aanbevolen!

  • Vivobarefoot Brussels, where passion and knowledge meet in an inspiring bascamp of the minimalist shoe community

  • For a while I was wearing vivobarefoot. In the beginning there was a limited amount of models. I bought my first two pairs via the website. Since I know there is a shop in Brussels, I tried to plan a visit. Yesterday I was there. It is a nice shop, spatious, shoes are nicely exposed against a wall to have an overview, there are rocks and wood to try the shoes and feel what it is to walk on rocks or wood, and there’s the great advice from Ian. I would advise anyone to go to the shop, there are so many different models of vivobarefoot shoes at the moment. Ian can help you choose the right shoes for your use case.

  • Had a great experience in store today, staff was happy, helpful, friendly, and even spoke English, even gave me local recommendations and talked about the local classes (which I would of loved to get involved in).