Womens shoes

Women are much more likely to have foot problems than men? Not surprising as a lot of women tend to wear super tight fitting, balance shifting, spine damaging high heeled shoes throughout their lifetime.

While you’ll still want (or need) to wear high heeled shoes from time to time, spend more time in these barefoot shoes to keep your body in neutral alignment. We have barefoot shoes for almost every occasion. From going for groceries, working out in the gym, wandering in the parks, to running through the forests and then jumping in your favorite lake.

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Did you know that you can squeeze your feet by a third of its size and feel no pain? It’s because our feet are very malleable. That’s why when you wear your conventional constricting shoes, it feels ‘ok’ for the day. But by night time, when you go home and take off your shoes, what’s your first reaction? … “Aaahhh”.