Mission Statement

“Our mission is to promote healthy living starting with healthy feet.”

Based in Brussels, we are a hub that bring together barefoot related knowledge, products and services in Europe.

Our feet are state-of-the art technology money can’t buy. Evolved over millions of years to support our bodies, absorb shock and return energy so we can move efficiently. They connect us to the earth, bringing all the benefits that the connection offers.

Yet we destroy our feet in shoes. No, shoes are not bad. Footwear is not bad. Throughout history, we’ve used them to protect our feet from extreme temperatures and cuts. It’s the body altering designs and overuse in society that’s causing much of the problem today.

This hub pulls together collective knowledge on what makes and keeps feet healthy. For people to learn and connect themselves to others and to professionals. We want to provide products that we believe is foot-friendly from a variety of brands. Because by working together collectively can we create a movement that reaches more people and creates value.




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